The Municipality of Agii Anargiri Kamatero continues successfully the awareness campaign on Hate speech , as part of the project called : “Coalition of Positive messengers to counter Hate speech”. More specifically :

During the 14 th Conference of the Hellenic Healthy Cities Network that took place on the 20 -21st of April in Didimoticho (Northnern Greece) Mrs Oikonomopoulou Aggeliki , Head of the Department of Social Policy, presented the issue under the title: “Coalition of Positive Messengers against hate speech : an innovative awareness and prevention campaign  in the Municipality of Agii Anargiri Kamatero”. More than 150 state employers, scientists and academics participated in the conference.

Students and their parents from more than 10 schools from Sofia participated in the IT students’ competition “Big to Me”, which was organized for the 9th year in a row by the Sofia Development Association, Sofia Municipality and the Lauder-ORT School.

This year’s theme was “Creating Positive Messages to Counter Online Hate Speech.” As a result our Coalition grew by a hundred new people.  

A "solidarity" march in support of migrants left the Italian border town of Ventimiglia on Monday, marking the start of a 1,400 kilometre journey across France to the northern port city of Calais and then on to London.

Linking two symbolic flashpoints of Europe’s migrant crisis, the two-month-long treck is organized by French charity L’Auberge des migrants and supported by numerous NGOs including Emmaus and ATTAC.

Scores of people are expected to take part in the 60 stages of the procession, which aims to raise awareness of the plight of migrants and collect funds to help them.

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Students must learn the power of language – both for good and for evil, writes one celebrated educationist. Without it, they are susceptible to the enemies of truth

Every day our young people are exposed to hate speech. Often in the seclusion of their own bedrooms. This online hatred is directed against women, against the LGBT community, against the disabled, against foreigners and against refugees. The largest proportion is aimed at Muslims.

The nature of the hatred may vary – from dog-whistle calls about "swarms of immigrants" to unprintable outpourings against often faceless victims. If you want to see examples, it is not difficult to find them – on Twitter, YouTube and even in the comments sections of the online press.

The Coalition of Positive Messengers to Counter Online Hate Speech forth partners meeting took place in Athens, Municipality of Agii Anargiri on 27 – 28 March 2018.

On 28 March we were warmly welcomed by the Mayor of Agii Anargirii and Deputy Mayor who debated with us the different aspects of combatting hate speech and the role of the local stakeholders. The department of Social Services of the Municipality team joined the discussions and shared with us their activities integrating vulnerable groups.

A Second Chance School in Greece is an innovative public adult education school of two academic years’ duration. A certificate equivalent to secondary school diploma is provided after successful attendance. The school’s curriculum differs from that of the normal education, it is more flexible and it follows an adapted teaching methodology and assessment of the trainees. The programme forms part of the Operational Programme “Education and Lifelong Learning” of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and it is co-funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and national funding.

On Wednesday 14th of March ,on  Thursday 15th and on Monday 19th of March the students of the 2nd and 1st High School of Kamatero and the students of the 4th High School of Aghii Anargiri respectively had the opportunity to actively participate in a sensibilisation intervention against online hate speech. This event was organised by the Social Policy Department of the Municipality of Aghii Anargiri Kamatero with the collaboration of the Department of Culture and the Prevention Center “Phaethon”.

A class of students from the National High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences "Academician Lyubomir Chakalov" in Sofia led by their teacher Neli Georgieva just became a part of Sofia Development Association’s “Positive Messengers – HOT LINE” campaign.

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