Being a part of the Coalition of Positive Messengers to Counter Online Hate Speech project, funded by Rights, Equality and Citizenship/Justice Programme of the EU, the Municipality of Agii Anargiri – Kamareto (Greece) organized trainings between 2nd and 4th of October 2017.

Participants in the programme were three groups of people – teachers, students who have not yet completed their secondary education and who are mostly immigrants, and people from different migrant oganizations, NGOs, human rights organizations and more. 

The participants of the first two days of the training – the teachers and the students – were taught how to recognize and combat hate speech. Afterwards they participated in a workshop including drama theatre and painting. 

On the third day of the programme the participants – people from different organizations with experience in migration issues, human rights and more – became a part of a workshop which aimed to create an artificial environment that shows what it is like to be a victim of online hate speech through role playing games. 

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