Empowerment of vulnerable to hate speech groups and creating positive narratives was the focus of an interactive training with newly arrived in Sofia migrants from Haiti, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Algeria and students from Bulgaria. 

The first step towards defeating a certain problem is to pinpoint what that problem is. The new migrants shared the challenges they face. The project team presented the findings from the country reports on online hate speech and compared those with the first-hand experiences of the participants with hate speech. Then we ideated how to combat xenophobic and racial discrimination. Trainees, trainers and project team got engaged together in creating counter narrative content - the first HotLines for the local no hate campaign.  

The training was held on 31 October 2017 under Coalition of Positive Messengers to Counter Online Hate Speech project, co funded by Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the EC.